November 20, 2011

Goodbye, Godric

We buried Godric, a sweet little tiger cat, yesterday after Angelika found him dead by the side of Route 366 near Saunders Greenhouse. It looked like he'd been hit hard and thrown into the ditch.

Keeping cats here is difficult. We think we've lost two to coyotes, and now Godric to the road. Invisible Fence collars sort of theoretically work on cats, except that we've found that cats are much better at removing them than dogs, and there's no good way to train a cat about how the fence works. We could close the dog door, but our dog would not be very happy with us either.

Godric poised.
Godric poised.

Godric was a fantastic hunter (mostly of rodents, fortunately), a bold explorer of our woods who liked to follow us around out there, an excellent climber, great with the kids, the cleanup crew for any spilled or leftover milk, and a wonderful friend to our older fluffball cat Puschelwuschel.

Godric and Puschelwuschel.
Godric and Puschelwuschel.

He was also our ambassador to the raccoons, apparently.

Cat talks with raccoon.
Godric the cat talks with raccoon

We'll miss you, Godric.

Godric sets off exploring.
Godric sets off exploring.

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Jessica Boyd said:

Simon, I'm so sorry. We've lost two this year to old age and that was hard enough.

Godric was quite lovely, may he be happily hunting in the place all good cats go.

Randy said:

That stinks. He looks like a great cat. Remember him fondly.