November 11, 2011

Seward blasts DEC at fracking hearing

Now that's a hard headline to improve upon! It comes straight from this article.

I've noted Republican State Senator Jim Seward's work on this front before, but this seems like a stronger statement:

"I resent the fact that the water of New York City and Syracuse is deemed by the DEC to be more important than the rest of the state," he said to loud applause.

The senator later added, "It's unfair -- and it represents in my mind a political decision and not a scientific one."

Seward also said he was disappointed the state agency decided to host a hearing on the draft rules in New York City -- where no natural-gas drilling would be conducted -- but opted not have such a forum in Otsego County, where the gas industry has already leased numerous tracts of land.

It's worth noting that the DEC is also hiding from Tompkins County.

The other key piece is the next paragraph:

Seward lauded his home-rule legislation that, if passed, would empower towns and cities to set local restrictions on gas drilling. He told The Daily Star later that the gas industry is trying to stymie it in Albany.

It sounds like Seward needs to stare down his neighbor and proud fracking supporter Tom Libous, which is not an easy thing.

Overall, though, I'm guessing this is another step toward a home rule compromise.

Definitely read the whole thing, and you'll see that Dryden is far from alone.

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