November 6, 2011

Spring's Bench

When I lost my beautiful Spring dog in February, I knew right away that I wanted to do something permanent (as such things go) in her memory.

Black and white dog guarding the house.
Spring keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

In May I bought a bench at Finger Lakes Stone, but it took a while to get it set up. We finally got the heavy seat on yesterday. I placed it where I think Spring always wanted to be, near the road, ready to bark, rather than where we let her be, closer to the house.

Spring's Bench.
Spring's Bench, overlooking 366.

That corner used to be a wasted space, overrun with poison ivy, honeysuckle, and sumac that kept falling over. I have a long way to go before it's a nice garden, but it'll be easier to do knowing that it's for Spring.

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Kim Klein said:

What a lovely memorial Simon- where did you get the engraving done?

Whoops - I definitely should have mentioned that.

It was sandblasted lettering, done at Glenside Monuments on 13A in Ithaca. They were the folks Finger Lakes Stone recommended, and they did a fantastic job in exactly the time they promised.

I did have them put ink into the letters, which makes it look especially good now, though I don't know how long it will last.

Mary St.Laurent said:

Spring was such a good friend although a bit strange as dogs go. I miss her a lot and am pleased to see she will have a lasting memorial. I look forward to seeing it.