November 7, 2011

Subtle but effective anti-fracking sign

"All those enviros who think they know better than the rest of us, they should just listen to the market" - or something like that - isn't too unusual a comment in the culture war side of the pro-fracking folks in places like Ithaca Journal comments.

As I was driving through Dryden the other day, though, I noticed this highly respectable market-oriented sign along 13/366.

Warren Real Estate sign on Routes 13 and 366
Warren Real Estate sign on Routes 13 and 366.

Close-up, underline added
Close-up, underline added.

Wait - you mean that the future owners of that property might not want it to come with a pre-purchased opportunity to make huge amounts of money on gas exploration? That the current owners of the property might think it had more value as something other than well pads?

It even seems to be a missing link of a potential spacing unit - lease that parcel, and the gas companies could make the neighbors come along quietly through compulsory integration.

Warren Real Estate sign on Routes 13 and 366
Warren Real Estate sign on Routes 13 and 366.

I guess we'll see what happens there, but for now I'm happy both that it's not leased and that the owners are announcing that to the world as a real estate value benefit.

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Patrick Reynolds said:

It's entirely possible that "no gas lease" is intended to play to pro-fracking and anti-fracking buyers alike. After all, if gas rights haven't been leased out yet, any buyer of the land has the opportunity to do so. They might even command a premium price, if the 100 acres is the keystone that lets gas companies compel all the neighbors.

I might think that, except that what they're asking for the property - $1 million - is $10,000 per acre, way above even the mythical $3000 per acre the gas companies are supposedly offering for the primest and most competitive properties. (It's MLS #134769 if anyone wants to look it up.)