January 27, 2012

Yes, we have weather here

Today the weather is just unseasonably warm but seasonably dismal - but sometimes we get more dangerous weather here too.

I gave a talk last night to the Varna Volunteer Fire Company about weather disasters, exploring some of the extremes we've had here, how forecasting is getting better at predicting (some of) these things, and what people can do to help.

I've posted a PDF of When the Weather Becomes Deadly (1.5MB) if you're curious. The first half is mostly history, and the second half is more forecasting and helping forecasters.

(It's hard posting talks, because everyone seems to hold their photos too close and copyright makes the risks pretty ugly. I think this talk dodges that, though mostly because I didn't include too many photos.)

Thanks to the Dryden Town Historical Society, Elsie Gutchess, Gina Prentiss, Mike Lane, Carol Kammen, Duane Testut, and Dawn Potter for helping with the history. Thanks to Highway Superintendent Jack Bush for using his photos, and to David Makar for his ice storm photo. Thanks to the VVFC for having me, and thanks to the National Weather Service for holding Basic Spotter SKYWARN training here last year.

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Jason C said:

If you like weather and weather talks I see meteorologist Drew Montreuil from www.grotonweather.com is talking and taking questions at 7pm on Sat at the Freeville village Methodist church. This is after the village potluck which starts at 5:30.