February 21, 2012

Dan Lamb for Congress

I'm delighted that Dryden resident Dan Lamb is running for Congress. No one knows what the district lines will look like, thanks to the New York State Legislature's chaos, but it would be great to see Dan in Washington.

Dan has managed Maurice Hinchey's Ithaca and Binghamton offices for years, and I've always thought his Broome and Tioga county experience in particular gave him a solid understanding the difficult challenges of the Southern Tier. He lives just west of McLean in the most Republican corner of this very Democratic county, and does well talking with Republicans as well as Democrats. I've watched him deal with some incredibly combative people, managing to listen even when they were just lecturing, and ask polite questions that moved the conversation forward.

I don't always agree with Dan on every detail, but I always appreciate the way he comes to his conclusions. He's smart, he's flexible, and he's very capable of working with a wide range of people.

We'll see what lines Albany comes up with, but I'm really hoping this works out.

You can also find his campaign on Facebook and Twitter, join his list of supporters here, and donate here if you'd like to help in these very early stages.

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