March 16, 2012

Meet FH Fox

The grafitti on the old railroad bridge in Varna is not universally loved, but it has been constant. If I mention the "FH Fox bridge", people in Tompkins County generally know what I'm talking about.

Over the years, I put together the story of why vet students did this and keep it going - FH Fox is now 89 - but I never thought to seek out the man himself. Clara Gallagher, Freeville native and Cornell student, put together an amazing video asking the questions and telling the story.

Who is FH Fox? from Clara Gallagher on Vimeo.

It's well worth the nine minutes!

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KAZ said:

This is wonderful!

Penny Beebe said:

I love this video, Clara. Like you, I've seen the number rise for years. I don't know when the declaration was first painted on the bridge, but I can recall its being there about twenty-five years ago.

Your narration was on the mark, and the interwoven commentaries worked well. I'm glad that Professor Fox was able to talk with you.