April 12, 2012

Examining the redistricting debacle

Well, they called it something nicer, but...

Redistricting Discussion Scheduled

Do you know the new boundaries of your assembly district? In what congressional district will you vote this November? Are the new districts fair and balanced, or are they manipulated and politicized? On Wednesday, April 18, the Issues Committee of the Tompkins County Democrats will sponsor a program entitled "Redistricting in New York State: Where Are We, and Where Are We Going?"

The headline speaker will be Bill Samuels of the Citizen's Committee for an Effective Constitution (EffectiveNY.org). Samuels chairs the New Roosevelt Foundation, an organization devoted to reform in Albany. Following the 2000 census, he helped to finance the lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of New York State's gerrymandered redistricting. Common Cause recently awarded Samuels the Democracy in Action Award for his commitment to government accountability.

The program will run from 7 to 9 PM Wednesday, April 18, at the Beverly Livesay Conference Room in the Tompkins County Human Services Building, 320 West Martin Luther King, Jr./State Street. It is free and open to the public.

You don't have to be a Democrat to attend - this seems likely to appeal to anyone with an interest in little-d democracy.

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