April 16, 2012

Healthy Food for All talk Tuesday

Lots and lots of good happening this week in Dryden...

Healthy Food For All!

Affordable farm fresh food. Food Stamps accepted!

Join us Tuesday April 17 at 6:30 pm for our lucky 13th Grow Your Own! class at Dryden Community Center Cafe, 1 Main Street at the light in Dryden.

Learn about:
  • Half priced Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares of farm fresh food delivered in Dryden!

  • Using Food Stamps at Farmers Markets.

  • How to get a 15% discount at Ithaca's natural food store each and every time you shop, on nearly everything you buy!

  • The truth about labels on food packages: What do "Organic" "Natural" "Fair Trade" etc. really mean?

Healthy, chemical free fruits and vegetables should not be only for the wealthy. Low income should not mean poor health and low quality food. You and your family have a right to quality, healthful, environmentally friendly foods. Please join our discussion to learn how to get this 15% discount on all your groceries and how to get fresh locally grown half priced CSA shares delivered right to Dryden.

To help people get started we will give away a 1 day TCAT bus pass for the first 10 people who sign in. You can use this pass to apply for the 15% FLOWER discount at GreenStar in Ithaca. Thanks to Dryden Community Garden.

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