April 19, 2012

I'll be talking about the weather

next Thursday night at Dryden Village Hall:


Unusual weather seems prevalent this year but as the old saying goes, "the more things change the more they stay the same." Over the years Dryden has experienced notable periods of extreme weather: floods, tornados, fifteen foot snowdrifts, repeated temperatures of minus 35 degrees, and a year without a summer.

These events will be the focus of the next meeting of the Dryden Town Historical Society where Simon St. Laurent will present his research entitled "Weather Wise: Memorable Weather in the Town of Dryden." The meeting will be held in the Dryden Village Hall (corner of South and George Streets) on Thursday, April 26th starting at 7 PM. The doors will open at 6:30 PM and, as always, this program is free and open to all. Dryden residents are encouraged to attend and share their own weather related stories and photos.

It will be a little bit like the talk I gave the Varna Volunteer Fire Company in January, but with far more photos, a more historical bent, and hopefully a lot of stories from the audience.

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