April 27, 2012

Last days for Dryden raw milk

Just saw this on the Facebook page for Jerry Dell Farm Store:

Now for the sad news......If you don't already know we are giving up our RAW Milk License and will no longer be able to sell raw milk as of Monday April 30 :(. I would like to thank all of you for the support and to continue supporting raw milk ond its health benefits. If you can not find raw milk I would encourage you to buy Wegmans Organic as that is what our milk will be packeged in Through Upstate Niagara Coop. They do not use ultra pasturize.

MILK TODAY FROM 5-6. and 5-6 Tomorrow. The milk gets picked up mid morning some time and the afternoon milking is not cold enough for sale until 5. let me know if you would like to pick up after Sat. and I will work with you. I will inform you when I know of other Raw Milk Licensed farms.

Sorry for the inconvenience and disapointment. I know a lot of you are lost with out raw milk because you can't drink the crap in the stores, for this I am heartbroken. Maybe if some of you can convince your neighbors into sharing a a cow and the chores it won't be much work and you all can have raw milk. Thank you for the loyalty and Friendships. Hope to see you at the store.-Jeremy

They're right by the intersection of Fall Creek Road, Ed Hill Road, and Herman Road.

They also have other great things there, of course:

Finally the ORANGE BLOSSOM HONEY is jarred and ready for tasting and purchase. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. A very floral taste and thick I am told. Another NEW ARRIVAL ORGANIC SUNFLOWER OIL. Gorgeous golden color. Great flavor. Lots of FRESH EGGS and of course CHEESE.

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Jason Haley said:

What is completely insane to me is that you supposedly need a "License" to provide raw milk to consenting adults.

You do NOT need a "License" for providing raw milk any more than you need a "License" to breathe or eat!!!!

The 'Statutes, Regulations and Codes' of any STATE or FEDERAL corporation are nothing more than corporate policies - they are NOT "Law"!!!

Visit my website (jcolehaley.com) for more info on FREEDOM and how to deal with policy enforcement officers and the rogue corporations posing as "Government".

Don't give up selling raw milk because some corporate officer ("government official") tells you that you need a license...