April 23, 2012

Sorry about that

If you were driving down Route 366 in this morning's heavy wet snow, you may have had an unpleasant surprise from my property - a red maple gave way under the weight, crashed through my fence, and landed on the road.

I didn't realize anything had happened until I heard a chainsaw buzzing and went down to look, and sure enough, there was a tree-size problem on the road. They'd already cut a lot of it.

VVFC cutting fallen tree out of the road.
VVFC cutting fallen tree out of the road.

Fallen trees are always a headache because they're leaning on the ground at strange angles, but Varna Volunteer Fire Company Chief Roy Rizzo clearly had done this before. Though I don't think drivers were happy, they at least seemed cooperative, and Wendy Hoose kept things moving as best as possible with a one-lane stretch in front of my house.

Managing traffic.
Managing traffic.

I'm a supporting member of the Varna Volunteer Fire Company, but I try not to become a customer. I guess there are many worse ways to need their services, but even this apparently mild need is more than I was planning on.

Update: Lots of power outages and school closings, too.

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You were far from the only one - when I drove into town this morning, I couldn't make it over Hurd due to a fallen tree and there were multiple trees partially blocking the road on my alternate route and within the city of Ithaca.