May 1, 2012

Turnout by party, 2011

Answer one question, get asked another.

Was it just turnout? Did Democrats show up at the polls, while Republicans stayed home? Definitely not.

Turnout in 2011 Dryden election, by party grouping
DistrictDescriptionDem + Green + WFRep + ConBlank, Ind, OtherTotal
1West Dryden35.4%37.4%29.6%34.1%
2Freeville area50.5%53.6%33.1%46.9%
6Village of Dryden53.9%60.7%39.3%53.1%
7E and N of Dryden51.8%55.0%30.6%47.3%
8Snyder Hill, Rt 7955.8%45.8%45.2%50.9%
9Ellis Hollow Creek62.3%51.7%40.9%55.7%
10South Central 59.5%58.9%40.7%53.9%
11Dryden Lake59.3%60.3%42.1%55.1%

The further south or east you went, the more people turned out, and people enrolled in a specific party came out more frequently than those registered Blank, Independence, or other. Overall, though, if you'd given me these turnout numbers for a local election without giving me the rest of the story, I'd have forecast a Republican win. Not a sweeping win, but certainly not getting swept!

(I generally expect voters registered Blank, Independence, Other, or Libertarian to tilt significantly Republican in local elections outside of the southwest corner.)

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