July 18, 2012

Regulators evaluating science... who and how?

In my review of Under The Surface, I noted that it was hard to sympathize with the regulators - mostly because they don't do their job. After a spate of doubts about the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's work, Tom Wilber, author of that book, asks some uncomfortable questions about the head of the DEC Division of Mineral:

So is Bradley Field, the petroleum engineer and drilling proponent who can't remember if he is a climate change denier; the holder of a singularly influential position to determine the outcome of shale gas development in New York state as the issuer of permits and the overseer of regulations -- Is this Bradley Field nonpartisan? It's a relevant question. Elected officials come and go. (Field has already served under five governors.) The policy being derived under Field's long and unchallenged tenure with the DEC will be enduring.

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