August 13, 2012

Empty office buildings

This article on empty office parks in Chicago and the challenges of reusing that space reminds me once again of the mostly-dead NYSEG building on the 13/366 intersection.

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David M. said:

The NYSEG building is a very tricky building to deal with. As a town board member I was able to have a tour - and the biggest hurdle is in updating all of the building to fire code. It is pre-sprinkler system and it would be a major renovation. On top of that - there is complexity in NYSEG being owned by a company based in Spain, the Public Service Commission oversight, and shifting an asset (the building) and that impact on the bottom line. Someone would really, really want to use the space and have the capital and the plan to make it financially feasible.

It is an amazing building with many wonderful resources (full cafeteria, auditorium, and cold war fallout shelter).