October 1, 2012

Potentially massive hydrofracking delays

The tone of the hydrofracking regulatory conversation has changed pretty drastically over the last week or so. Solid Shale has a long list of details you absolutely should read, but the two key ones I see (from a Dryden perspective) are:

It's not over until it's over, but that seems likely to be a long ways away.

Update: Here's the New York Times with similar speculation.

Update: This offers more of a probably spin on restarting the regulations process.

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Nathanael said:

Hah! Yes, thanks for that link to Solid Shale. That article explains exactly what I figured out a year ago about the "business models" of the frackers -- it's all playing out roughly as I expected.

It'll take the politicians -- who were also being scammed -- a long time to realize that the frackers were never genuine. But we're passing the point of greatest threat, since the USGS keeps pointing out that there just isn't that much gas there.