October 16, 2012

Tom West kind of volunteering on Dryden drilling ban appeal

I'll have more on this when I have a chance to read the filings, but Attorney Tom West filed an appeal yesterday on the case he lost over the Town of Dryden's ban on gas drilling. The Plaintiff has changed from Anschutz Exploration, a business owned by a reclusive billionaire, to the Norwegian Norse Energy.

The weirdest part, though, is this:

"There is very little funding for these appeals. In fact, although one operator has pledged a small amount, we have not been paid yet. Although this issue is critical to industry, the lack of funding is directly related to the apathy towards New York based upon the low commodity pricing and the high degree of regulatory uncertainty...."

So, in other words, West is appealing without getting paid? "Yes," he said.

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