October 6, 2012

Varna Community Center Open House 1-3 tomorrow

Whether you live in Varna or are just interested in what happens at the Community Center, you're welcome to come to the open house event tomorrow, Sunday, October 7th, from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

You'll be able to:

  • Tour the Community Center facilities

  • Meet our pancake breakfast cooks!

  • Find out who uses the Center

  • Learn about our commercial kitchen and the people who rent it

  • Discover ways to participate in the community

  • Enjoy refreshments

Jim Skaley also writes that:

Come to the Open House at the Varna Community Center next Sunday from 1-3, Oct 7. One very important item to learn about is the Hamlet Plan. The latest update is this: There will be a public hearing on the Plan by the Planning Board at the Town Hall expected on Oct 25. The Planning Board will then officially recommend to the Town Board to adopt the Varna Plan and amend the Town Comprehensive Plan to include it.

At the Planning Board meeting on the 25th it is expected to include final determinations for the updated zoning for the Hamlet. The expectation is that the Hamlet Plan and its updated zoning will be approved as one document hopefully by the December Town Board meeting. The Town Board will also need to have a public hearing on the zoning and Plan.

I will be available for questions at the open house on Oct 7. Please come and enjoy some conversation and refreshments.

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