January 11, 2013

Hunting season REOPENS Saturday for SW Dryden

In central Tompkins County (and nowhere else in the state), deer hunting season is open again from January 12th through 31st. You can find more details here, including a map. It's roughly Dryden west of Hanshaw Road, south of 13 to Ringwood.

Hunt antlerless deer only (limit 2 per day) during a DMFA season from the second Saturday in January through January 31. During the DMFA season, a hunter may use any hunting implement that is lawful during any other deer season in that area. Rifles are not authorized for big game hunting in Tompkins County.

I don't know if having an extra season that only applies here will bring hunters from elsewhere, but a fair number of people I've talked with were not aware that this would be happening. Tomorrow's weather forecast looks great, so I suspect a lot of unsuspecting people will want to take hikes in the woods.

Be careful out there!

Posted by simon at January 11, 2013 10:52 PM in
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