August 29, 2013

One final appeal on drilling ban

As expected, the Court of Appeals - New York State's highest court - has agreed to hear an appeal of Norse vs. Dryden (formerly Anschutz vs. Dryden). I think Town Supervisor Mary Ann Sumner says it best with:

"We are confident that the Court of Appeals will affirm, as two other courts have before it, that our town has the right, enshrined in our state Constitution and upheld by the courts, to decide how land is used within our town borders," Sumner (pictured) said in a statement. "Still, the oil and gas industry is dissatisfied and stubbornly insists on dragging out this court case. Clearly, they're not used to not getting their way."

The Court also agreed to hear the similar Middlefield case. (The Appellate Division ruled 4-0 in favor of Dryden in May.

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