September 9, 2013

Kelly Damm for County Court Judge

Judge's races in New York State are strange affairs, in which the candidates are allowed to tell you pretty much nothing except their qualifications. On the bright side, it keeps things calmer than they can get in other races, but it makes it hard to tell the difference among candidates.

I'm delighted to endorse Kelly Damm for County Court Judge. I've known Kelly for years, and have found her opinions on legal and court matters reliably helpful. While I understand that judges can learn while on the bench, I'm very happy that she already has experience in all of the legal areas County Court Judges have to deal with. She's amazingly organized, understands how to manage her time, and is devoted to her work. That devotion has paid off with successful cases as well as good relations with other attorneys.

Kelly Damm sign in front of my house
Kelly Damm sign in front of my house.

There are four candidates on the Democratic primary ballot tomorrow. I've followed their comments and read their material, and it's easy for me: Kelly stands out on the strength of her experience.

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