November 5, 2013


It's been a much quieter year politically, but still a very weird one. I'm not sure what useful I can say about Independence party signs promising "Clean Water", when the Dryden part of that line is identical to the Republican line - and the Republican line is where you find the pro-fracking candidates.

Not all of them are pro-fracking: Steve Stelick is a notable exception, having voted for the ban. Highway superintendent Jack Bush hasn't said much about fracking that I've noticed. Supervisor candidate Ron Szymanski, though, is very much on the record supporting fracking and opposing Dryden's ban. Bette Minarski hasn't said very much that I can find.

I'm puzzled by the pretty much unexplainable backdating of a document attempted by the Environmental Planner to make it look like the board had fully approved something they were planning to repeal anyway. While I don't think it makes Supervisor Mary Ann Sumner look attentive - dates really need to be in the right year - I don't think there's anything there rising to the level of fraud that Republicans keep claiming to see.

On the Town level, I heartily encourage you to vote for Mary Ann Sumner for Supervisor and Jason Leifer and Greg Sloan for Town Board. Steve Stelick is also an excellent choice, bringing experience and a record of working well with the board. "Clean water" actually is one of his priorities.

On the County level, I've been puzzled. Amy Scott-Foster and Nancy Werany, the Republican candidates, seem to be aiming all of their fire at Martha Robertson - not because they think they can beat her, but because they hope to embarrass her in her Congressional race. "Mike Lane is a nice guy but he enables Martha Robertson with his votes" may be the weakest Dryden campaign slogan of all time. It's wrong, too, if anyone pays attention to how they interact and vote.

That makes my county endorsements incredibly easy - Martha Robertson for the west side of Dryden and Mike Lane on the east side.

On the propositions, I'd strongly encourage you to Vote No on Proposition 1. New York is way too tempted by get rich quick economic development schemes, and casino gambling is pretty much the perfect example. Why bring more of that poison here?

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