2 February 2004

To the Town of Dryden Residents,

Last summer, as the Town of Dryden Historian, I organized the mid-summer weekend event, Dryden Old Home Days Revisited, held at Dryden Lake Park.

Since our Town of Dryden Bicentennial Event in 1997, I have had many people, especially retirees, contact me for just such an event. They are eager to return to Dryden in the summertime, but want some event so they can be assured of seeing old friends and residents.

Highlights of last summer: We had a good turnout of visitors, the community merchants donated great prizes and awards, young children participated in races, local papers gave us great coverage, we ate and drank, boated on the lake, sang and danced, took wagon rides, raced, meditated, exercised, walked the trails, and visited. The expenses were covered by a Community Celebrations grant from the County Tourism Board.

I have secured the Pavilion at Dryden Lake Park for Saturday, July 31st and Sunday Aug 1st.2004. I have many ideas to make this a great event for all Drydenites and visitors, from children to seniors. But I need the help of the community to plan and stage this event if it's to continue and possibly to become a yearly event.

By myself, I don't have the amount of time and/or energy needed. Are there groups, committees, clubs, individuals, troops, etc who would be willing to work with me in developing this event as well as helping to run it those two days?

Please contact me if you can help,

Elsie Gutchess, Town of Dryden Historian
Box 555, Dryden NY 13053, 844.5504