A quiet day


I did a bit more scuffle-hoeing of the paths, but today was colder and it was less exciting to go out. I poked around at the compost too.

Most of what I really did today was re-reading Gaia's Garden, which feels different now. When I first read it, his description of yard work - in which we basically battle nature to preserve a field of green with a few select trees in it - seemed strange, and hard to reconcile with all the lawn-mowing I'd done over the years. Now that I'm trying to let plants take more control of the destiny of the place, it makes a lot more sense.

Getting something useful out of a more natural approach is going to require a lot more thinking than lawn mowing ever did, and probably more work in the short run. In the long run, though, I have hopes that I'll be getting much more return on much lower investment.

The chickens were happy today - I gave them some grapes that had sat in the refrigerator (far) too long. It's good to have happy compost accelerators that provide eggs - three today!

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