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I got to spend some real time out in the garden today, thanks to mid-60s weather. Mostly, I used a scuffle hoe to clear weeds that had taken up residence in the mulch paths in my swales. I have a lot more of that to do, but hopefully it'll be a problem that disappears as I walk on the paths more often. (The paths right by the house stay clear, but the paths further out and up get covered.)

I also need to figure out swale maintence. The more I walk on the mulch, the more it breaks down and looks like the surrounding dirt. I'm guessing I need to clear them out once in a while and replace the mulch.

I also reconnected two low-voltage lights. I'm guessing water got into the connections, froze, and opened the connectors. Unfortunately, I now seem to have half the lights working half the time, and need to figure out what that's about. I probably have a larger connection problem than I realized, and the lines have gotten kind of strange over time as I added lights.

The chickens got some seedheads I found, and a few green plants as well. They've been enjoying another day outside.

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