Blueberry, lingonberry, wintergreen


Yesterday, I was out of the house from 8:15am to 10:30pm. I did manage to read some of Gaia's Garden, but that was pretty much the craziest non-travel day I've had in a while. Hopefully I won't have a lot more like it.

Today I got to take a closer look at the garden, one last chance before it snows over the next few days. I focused on one of the further-out beds, where Josh had started some blueberries. The general idea was to have blueberries of different heights, with highbush toward the edge of the garden and low bush toward the center. (The center area is supposed to stay shorter and sunnier.) Then there'd be lingonberries underneath the blueberries, and some wintergreen as well, since they all like the acid soil my yard provides.

Right now, there are nine blueberry bushes out there, in varying degrees of health. I found one wintergreen plant, and we hadn't gotten around to the lingonberries yet. I obviously didn't get to spending enough time weeding last year.

Blueberry plant in winter.
Blueberry plant in winter.

Wintergreen plant in winter.
Wintergreen plant in winter.

The blueberries came from a number of sources - I know Oikos, I think St.Lawrence, and maybe Miller. (I obviously need to keep better notes.) One of them and the wintergreen came from The Plantsmen, just up the road here.

I'm planning to add some more blueberries and wintergreen this year, and get started on the lingonberry underlayer. Obviously I need to spend a lot more time out there, but with this hour a day plan, I think that should work.

We also looked at our uppermost swale, which had a lot of water in it, and talked about cutting some of the trees at the top of the property to let more light come through to the garden below. It's also clear that I have a lot more hoeing to do to clear the paths of grass. Further up the hill, where I walked a lot less often, the mulch paths are invisible under a layer of grass that moved back across them.

We looked at designating an area for a greenhouse and cold frames. The cold frames may happen this year, but the greenhouse is likely a future project.

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