Early-morning bird-feeding


This morning was strange - heavy winds, a sense that it was getting colder, and a forecast of rain. I decided to take care of some garden things early. Originally I planned on fixing the low-voltage lights, but that turned out to be a two-minute job, finding a connector and tightening it. I'll need to rearrange that sometime soon, either putting the connector where it won't get stepped on or rearranging things so I don't need the connector.

The main thing I did was re-install the birdfeeder. I'd bought a much taller birdfeeder when the cats moved in, but it was still creating a hazard for birds when it was in range of the cats, because of the feed that fell to the ground. It fell over a while ago, and I hadn't yet found a home for it. This morning I installed it in the front yard, in the corner of a flowerbed. I put in some seed - old seed that seems to have become a strange mess of its own - and within about twenty minutes I had chickadees and titmice visiting regularly, while the cats watched the action through the window.

Birds at the feeder.
Birds at the feeder.

Titmouse and chickadee flying from the feeder.
Titmouse and chickadee flying from the feeder.

(The cats have Invisible Fence collars, and stay inside the fence as long as the batteries in their collars stay good, so they can't get to this location.)

I need to get a better container for my birdseed, and probably some new birdseed while I'm at it. I also need to track down some other feeders in the basement. I don't think I'll get goldfinches in winter, but I've had some beautiful woodpeckers before.

I'd also had a pile of newspaper in the driveway that got rained on and run over a lot of times, turning into mush. I didn't really need the driveway mulched, so I shoveled it into a bucket and added it to the cat litter compost. Hopefully it'll add some needed brown material, and I'm going to add straw too. (It is composting, but I don't have the mixture quite right.)

Much to my surprise, it's stayed sunny on and off, and we only had a sprinkle of rain. It looks like it'll be staying fairly warm the next couple of days.

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