It thawed last night


It was great to come home to a winter wonderland of snow, but that pretty much all disappeared last night and today. It's nice to have some warm days, and I hope to fix the lights tomorrow, but it does have a way of revealing things I need to address.

Garden mess made visible.
Garden mess made visible.

The chickens were definitely celebrating, enjoying their outside area for the first time in a while, instead of hiding in the coop.

Chickens exploring outside world.
Chickens exploring outside world.

I'm going to wander the pathways tomorrow with a scuffle hoe, hoping kill a lot of the grass that's grown on the mulch in a period when it can't grow back easily. This also reminds me that we got a thermostat for the heater that keeps the chickens' water from freezing, and I should install it, since they don't really need that heat right now.

In an aethetic advance for the garden, I managed to hand a lot of the plastic political signs that gathered here off to a friend, for safer storage in his basement. I also found that I had a few more rectangular frames from old signs than I'd thought, and those might be useful as supports for floating row covers someday, probably inside a greenhouse or tunnel. We'll see!

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