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I'm contemplating how to fit ducks into our garden. The swale at the top of our hill is pretty full of water, and often is except around August. I'm contemplating waterproofing part of the swale so it stays more pond-like, and figuring out some way to set up a little windmill to agitate the water.

More generally, though, I'm reading up on ducks. Four-Season Harvest has some material on a duck tractor, but this site on backyard ducks makes me wonder if it would make more sense to keep them in a pen most of the time and let them out to explore once in a while.

Our terracing makes using a tractor pretty tricky, though maybe a small one?

Having the ducks eat slugs sounds great - I just have to figure out how to keep them from causing trouble as well as help. (There's a lot more information on that site about ducks generally - more to explore!)


Craig Cramer said:

If your ducks need a swim, bring them by. I've got a new pond: (next to last image). I've got lots of slugs, too.

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