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I didn't get to my hour for gardening thoughts until about 8:00pm - not exactly the best time for getting out and looking over the garden, something I hope to do in the next couple of days, as we get a thaw.

Instead, I spent some time with our catalog box. I meant to focus on seed catalogs, but got distracted by Betterbee, as Angelika would like to put two hives in the front yard in the spring. Like the chickens, there's an up-front investment followed by less intensive maintenance. The bees would require a lot less food from us and can more frequently live off the land. We're trying to make sure we have flowers blooming continuously from as early in spring as possible to as late in fall.

Then I got distracted by Growers Supply, mostly for the greenhouses and high tunnels, since I'd been thinking about winter gardening. I have a lot more thinking to do on that angle before I even consider buying anything, and probably some tree removal and a lot of prep work as well.

I looked through St.Lawrence Nurseries and Fedco Trees. Fedco Trees had an interesting suggestion for feeding chickens by planting a mulberry tree where the fruit can drop into their yard, something I think I might try.

I also put together an initial list of new fruits and vegetables I'd like to make sure I plant. Eating locally since August has given me a different perspective on what I want in the garden, but I have a lot to figure out before I'm ready to plant anything.


Mary Ann said:

I've heard that a mulberry tree will distract wild birds from your cultivated berries, too. I'm thinking of trying that.

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