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Between being sick over the weekend and trying to get a room painted and floored (part one complete, part two just starting), I haven't been able to do as much exciting around the garden as I'd hoped.

Today, in a step toward starting the painting and flooring process in what will be the baby's room, we moved the grow light we use to start seedlings from an upstairs room to what was my office and is slowly becoming a pantry. (Okay, a pantry with computer books and some printers and other electronics in it.)

Grow lights in the office/pantry.
Grow lights in the office, which is becoming a pantry.

The jars above the light are tomatoes from last years' gardening efforts. The office/pantry will do for now, though in the long run I suspect we'll have to find it a new home - in part because I want to put a doorway just to the right of where the grow light is now. Eventually (next year?) I'm guessing it'll end up in the corner of the basement that holds all of the gardening tools, which is where the chickens' brooding box is right now too.

Our results last year were mixed. The green onions worked, the leeks stalled when they went out, the tomatoes thrived, and the peppers all disappeared when they got out - probably thanks to slugs. We'll be re-thinking how we use it, though hopefully staying around here at the end of May will help. (We got married and disappeared for a few weeks last year - wonderful, but not great for the garden.)

It's not quite specific to the garden, but my long run hope is that the downstairs of the house will be mostly dedicated to food, with places to relax. The kitchen is all about food, of course, and turning my office into a pantry will change that room. The dining room is about eating food (though it's where I'm sitting and typing right now), and the livingroom will hopefully eventually have a woodstove - the kind you can cook on. I'm guessing it'll be more than a few years before all that comes together.


George said:

I have a small would be greenhouse in my backyard and use plenty of grow lights but I’ve never used any inside the home. Do they work as well inside and do you use just one per plant or growth? What I’m wondering now is if they make these types of lights specifically for indoor and outdoor uses.

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