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Here's where we are after a long time with the earlier list and seed catalogs:

Onions - greenHigh Mowing (HM)Evergreen Hardy2670
ShallotsHMAmbition F1 Harvest2690
CarrotsHMScarlet Nantes2340
TomatoesHMCosmonaut Volkov3060
Green beansHMBlue Lake Pole2155
Lima beansFedcoJackson's Wonder Lima311JW
PeppersFedcoPurple Beauty3722PB
PeppersFedcoJimmy Nardello's OG3730JO
CornFedcoSilver Queen6585SQ
Squash - winterHMDelicata2950
Squash - winterHMSpaghetti2945
Corn SaladFedcoVerte de Cambrai3102VC
Corn SaladFedcoLarge-Leaf Round3114LL
CabbageHMRed Express2369
CeleryFedcoRedventure OG3630RO
CeleriacFedcoDiamante Celeriac3644DC
EndiveFedcoTres Fine Maraichere3644DC
ChicoryFedcoDella Catalogna2046DC
ChicoryFedcoPan Di Zucchero3048PZ
CressFedcoWrinkled Crinkled Crumpled Cress OG3056
CucumberHMGreen Finger2425
Italian DandelionTerritorialCatalogna FrastagliataMS587
KohlrabiFedcoEarly White Vienna3475WV
ParsnipFedcoHarris Model2310HM
Hamburg ParsleyFedcoHamburg Parsley2301HM
Peas/Snow PeasHMSugar Daddy2764
Snow PeasHMOregon Sugar Pod2750
Radish - daikonHMMiyashige White Daikon2862
SpinachHMBloomsdale Longstanding2880
SpinachHMGiant Winter2885
ChardHMRainbow Mix2350
Summer SquashHMYellow Summer Crookneck2910
Bok ChoiHMPrize Choy2513
Tat SoiFedcoTat Soi OG3245TO
French SorrelFedcoBroad-leaved3192BL
New Zealand SpinachTerritorialNew Zealand SpinachMS489
MustardTerritorialWild Garden MustardsMU527
NasturtiumHM"Dwarf Jewel"7160
SunflowerHMAutumn Beauty Mix7096
CalendulaHMFlashback Mix2850
RadishHMCherry Belle7096
LettuceHMGourmet Mix2610
BeansHMGold Rush2232

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