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Our Fedco seeds arrived today, along with a cheerful letter. Apparently it's a good time to be in the seed business:

Our customers have been thinking spring for a while. You have made the last four weeks unprecedented in our history. Over this span we've registered $403,000 in seed sales, more than 100K ahead of the corresponding period last year...

And why?

It feels like we are at the cutting edge of a sea change in people's daily lives. Maybe it is impact of record oil prices, the dawning of true acceptance of the possible consequences of global warning, the renewed interest in local foods inspired by Michael Pollan, Barbara Kingsolver, Slow Foods and others, whatever the reasons, we have not seen growth like this since Y2K. And while I knew back then that the cause was ephemeral, I have a very different feeling about this surge of interest. Recent articles in the New York Times suggesting a renewed dedication to self-reliance and a sudden reluctance to continue going deeper into debt are resonating.

It's great to hear this, though I didn't really think we were joining a trend. Who knows?


jordan said:

I wrote some long (nice) thing that didn't make it through the captcha. Since I don't remember it, I'll just say that I'm inspired by your blog. I want to buy land in the Finger Lakes area (land of my birth) and start to do what you're doing, sometime this year. How much land do you have? Sunny vs treed? Hilly or not? Love the details and the book references!

Sorry about the captcha. I hate the things, but after a few days with hundred of spams, I surrendered to them. (I still need to put them up on Living in Dryden, which is where most of them come through.)

I'm glad you like what we're up to. We just have 3/4 of an acre on the north side of a tree-covered hill, so lots of it is shady. Angelika's starting an orchard on 10 acres north of here, but it'll take a while getting started.

You can see a lot more of what we've done so far, prior to this blog starting, at the Permaculture section of Living in Dryden. Plowing with horse and mule, and all kinds of other details, from soil surveys to maps to stonework.

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