Duckling update


The ducklings, and the mess they create, keep growing. I'd moved them to a rabbit cage and put a plastic bin underneath, but lifting a 36"x30" bin holding five gallons of water and neatly depositing its foul contents into a bucket is extremely difficult. I gave up and bought a Shop-Vac for the exclusive purpose (for now) of being a "poop pump". I have to make sure that the air going out of the vac is pointed out of the house, or the basement and downstairs will smell terrible. (Once the ducks live safely outside, I'll rehabilitate it for nicer uses.)

On the bright side, the ducklings have gotten to spend more time outside while I'm cleaning. They're using the pen the chickens had last summer, and I'm planning to build them a box to stay warm in at night, since they haven't feathered out yet. The next week looks like it'll be plenty warm for them, and hopefully these temperatures will last. I don't think they love being in a 3' x 4' cage, either.

Ducklings heading out
Ducklings heading outside.

Ducklings in the sun
Ducklings in the sun.

I've also posted a gallery of more, including photos too gross to put on the main page.

I'm still working on a small scale, but somehow having these ducklings - and the work it takes to get them grown from tiny to able to fend for themselves - makes me feel like we're moving past gardening to small-scale agriculture. (Very small.)

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