Chicken mysteries

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The chickens have been easier than the ducklings, but there are still mysteries.

The first is that Mary Ann let us have this great feeder last year. It's easy to fill, easy to clean, keeps the chickens out of each others' faces, and keeps the water out of the food in even a semi-sheltered environment like the yard outside the coop.

Damaged ducklings
Our favorite feeder.

The problem? We'd like to find more of these, but can't. I wondered if a carousel feeder might be the name for it, but that's something else apparently. If you know where to get more, please leave a comment!

And then there's King Rooster, who crowned himself the other day.

King rooster
King Rooster.

Angelika originally called him the Gangster because he looked like he was wearing a mask. He and some of the chicks with white faces, who we called the "Uruk-Hai" after Tolkien, turned out to be the roosters. We had the Gangster in a rabbit with just black chickens who turned out to be hens. When I put all the chickens back into one run, the little Gangster ran around attacking all the Uruk-Hai, pulling their feathers and even jumping on them. They gave up pretty quickly, and he moved to the top of the pecking order despite being a smaller bird.

King rooster
King Rooster, in a different view.

King rooster
King Rooster again.

He's clearly not a Silver-Laced Wyandotte, but we're not sure what he is. Angelika looked through the breeds at McMurray Hatchery, where he came from, and thinks he might be a Modern Bb Red Game or a Bantam Bb Red Old English Game. Right now he's smaller than the Wyandottes, so bantam is possible, but we'd love to hear suggestions from anyone on what he might be.

(He won't be staying with this flock, so we can either find him a new home or eat him.)


REllis said:

Hi neighbor,
I think your rooster looks like an Araucana or Easter Egger -- note the green legs.

I raise a few chickens in Ellis Hollow...

REllis said:

Maybe an araucana or easter egger? Note the green legs...

(I raise a few chickens over in Ellis Hollow...)


Amanda said:

I think your chicken is a Campine. At first we thought our Buttercup might be one but developed his tell tale comb.

Golden Campine

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