What we've accomplished so far


We still don't have plants in the ground. Given the frost I found on the ground yesterday, that might be a good thing.

What we have done is:

  • Installed a bat box - that only took two years!

  • Built a new chicken paddock behind the old one (with Josh's help), installed a gate, and mostly secured its edges with poultry wire. (Ran out of garden staples.)

  • Moved the chicks out of the rabbit cages to the new paddock. Gave them the heating plate, which they seem to love.

  • Moved the ducks out of their paddock and into a 20'x20' electroplastic netting fence in the back. We'll be moving the fence around regularly. (Darth has been reunited with the flock, and all seems well. Feather cannibalism is over.)

  • Bought annuals for the whiskey barrel out by the road, to be planted today.

  • Planted a lot of basket willows that Josh had coppiced.

  • Brought ancient rusted garden fence and tomato cages to metal recycling.

  • Angelika moved the second compost pile to the third spot, freeing the second spot for the pile in the first spot.

  • Farewell, cat litter.

Josh also took down some trees in preparation for the duck pond work, so it looks pretty messy back there right now. There's an old collapsed shed I need to empty (barbed wire and other unpleasantness) as well.

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