November 21, 2003

Dog enumeration

The Town of Dryden is currently enumerating dogs, looking for dogs without licenses. I wonder if the enumerators have to visit every house in Dryden - that could take a while. A few more details are available in Town Board minutes right above resolution #71.

The fine if the enumerators find an unlicensed dog, apparently set by the state, is $5 plus licensing fees. That fine seems a little low given that total town and state fees are now $10 for spayed or neutered pets or $20 for unspayed or unneutered pets, especially since the chance of getting caught seems pretty low most of the time. (The town also collects fees for dogs impounded when they stray from home, laid out in Resolution #100 from the July 2 town Board meeting.)

Both of my dogs are licensed.

Posted by simon at November 21, 2003 8:25 AM in
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Donna Conley said:

As Town Clerk of Pulteney, Could you advise me the way you did your dog enumeration and how you paid to have it done? Thank you. Donna