November 15, 2003

Dryden Historical Society

I stopped by the Dryden Historical Society today. They're at 36 West Main Street in the Village of Dryden, and they're open from 10-2 on Saturdays or by appointment. It's in a very nice building, one which was apparently moved from just down the street.

Dryden Historical Society, 36 West Main Street
Dryden Historical Society (map)

I talked with Laurence Beach there, and found out all kinds of things, from grocery stores that used to be in the Village to confusions about the namings of roads in Varna that turned out permanent. The Historical Society has a room for displays and a room full of books and records.

Dryden Historical Society displays
Dryden Historical Society displays

I picked up a membership form, wrote a check, and put it in the mail today. I'll be back. Local history has always fascinated me, and I marvel at people who seem intent on moving forward without looking back.

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Marlene Reitz said:

It's sad to see the date for this page is November 2003. I came to this page to check on a program that was listed in the paper to see about the time and date but there is nothing listed. Perhaps if you are offering a program to the public it could be put on your website.

This isn't the Dryden Town Historical Society website - it's a blog entry that happens to be about them. They don't, unfortunately, have programs listed on their site either, but I know that they're working on updating the site.