November 7, 2003

People drive by - 1259 Dryden Road

I live on a rural highway, New York State Route 366. It's a 45mph zone, largely used by commuters going to and from Cornell University and downtown Ithaca, with lots of gravel and concrete trucks going by during the day. It's not exactly promoted as a scenic route, and I'm not sure too many drivers passing through think of it as anything other than a way to get from here to there.

Walking on 366 is very different, however. There are houses, mailboxes, trees, litter, and all kinds of things to look at. At a walking pace, you notice people's gardens, how full drainage ditches are, and the state of the trees along the road. Before winter sets in, I'm hoping to take a series of pictures of the views from the road around my house, and continue the series photos when spring arrives. (There are no sidewalks here, and walking on icy highway shoulders is not much fun.)

For starters, here's my own house, in a picture taken this morning from the opposite side of the road.

1259 Dryden Road
1259 Dryden Road (map)

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Mom said:

I like your Dryden commentary; it's a good diversion from your work and gives you an outlet for your views on where you live. The pictures are great and the maps were lots of fun. Keep at it. Love, Mom