November 11, 2003

Plants and the Plantation

Continuing our walking tour up 366, we have a greenhouse and a bar.

1279 Dryden Road, Saunders Greenhouse
1279 Dryden Road, Saunders' Greenhouse (map)

We've done pretty well with Saunders' plants, though I think we put some in hostile territory. They also sell model railroads and have a fair number set up inside. If I had the space and time, I'd love to get out my N-scale Erie Lackawanna stuff... someday.

1285 Dryden Road, The Plantation Inn
1285 Dryden Road, The Plantation Inn (map)

I'll have to get a night picture of the bar, for full neon effect. The main barroom of the Plantation has some beautiful decor, too - old refrigerators with glass fronts and a great bar. They used to have a great old jukebox that played 45s, but it's now a CD jukebox. Better sound, I'm sure, but not as interesting.

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