November 13, 2003

Town Council, Malloryville

The Ithaca Journal has a story on last night's town council meeting. While I'm disappointed in the results of the Town Board elections, and can't say I'm thrilled with views of the people now running the place, I can take some solace that Martha Robertson represents this part of Dryden on the county legislature. She seems have taken some flak during her presentation on the county budget over Alternatives to Incarceration.

I'd like to spend less of my tax money on expensive prisons which harden criminals further, and wish the "law and order" crowd would recognize how much they cost us every day. Councilman Michaels is welcome to come by here if he wants to hear how far out of touch he is with the people he hasn't talked to yet.

The Conservation Advisory Council is also taking steps to turn itself into a Conservation Board, which would "allow the group to review state environmental quality review, or SEQR, Type I actions and advise the Town Council on the review."

There's also a new Dryden Town Talk about Malloryville. in particular "the Nature Conservancy's O.D. Von Engeln Preserve" and the eskers there. Cathy Wakeman also notes that there will be an ecumenical Thanksgiving service at the Dryden United Methodist Chuch on Sunday, November 23, at 4pm.

Elsewhere in the county, Danby is raising its tax rate 1.8% for an 8% overall increase in the levy, while Enfield is lowering its tax rate 1.9% and increasing its levy 2.8%. Their fire tax rate is also dropping 0.5%.

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