December 3, 2003

County budget passes, 15.8% rate increase

Tompkins County passed a budget last night. Legislators hunted for extra revenue, lowering the tax rate increate from 19.65% to 15.81% without changing spending. The property tax levy is increasing from $25 million to $31 million, 23.6%. (Assessment changes make up the difference, so I'll be paying 42% higher county taxes next year overall.)

In Dryden, legislators Martha Robertson and Mike Lane voted for it, while George Totman voted against it. Lane was plainly unhappy with the budget:

"I am still concerned not enough effort was made on the spending side," Lane said. "Most here want to maintain a level of spending. We made the adjustments in revenue. This legislative board has an obligation to govern, so I am going to support this budget."

Local programs still got cuts, as state-mandated expenses increased 26.3%.

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