January 10, 2004

Cold doesn't stop the news

The weather gizmo I got for Christmas tells me that it got down to -15.7° last night, but that doesn't seem to have stopped the folks at the Ithaca Journal from publishing all kinds of Dryden-related news. There's enough that I'll just do a combined story.

In news, after the obligatory story on last night's record cold in Tompkins County, there are two stories on intergovernmental cooperation. The first is on summer school, where it looks like BOCES will be taking over the work, except that the Dryden district will likely not be participating. The second covers the prospects for cooperation between municipalities. It cites Dryden Town Supervisor Steve Trumbull on highway departments and Village of Dryden Mayor Reba Taylor, who skeptically says "Intermunicipal cooperation is fine to a certain extent but I will not use village taxpayer dollars to offset county shortfalls."

In other Dryden-related news, the SPCA has the lowest number of animals euthanized per capita in the nation for the past two years. The article also notes that the new facility should let them hold three times as many animals.

The Dryden Senior Citizens are having a lunch and meeting Monday at the Dryden Fire Hall, and will be electing three new board members.

In opinion, there are two Dryden-related laurels and a complaint about trash on Sapsucker Woods Road near the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. I wonder about some of the trash I find on 366 too; all I can guess is that some of it must fly out of the backs of trucks. Used diapers are especially unpleasant; fortunately I've only found one of those by the road here in four years.

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