January 31, 2004

New Town of Dryden web site

The Town of Dryden site has a new look, going from blue text on white to white text on black. The pictures in the top left corner - pictures which vary on different pages - are a very nice touch. They also deserve credit for preserving the structure of the site, which means that the links which pointed into the old version of the site continue to work.

There's one aspect of the site that doesn't make any sense to me, though it's a carry-over from the old site:

Alteration or duplication without express permission is forbidden

That used to appear in small type on the entry page, but now it's in bold on every page using the new template.

I'm not sure that's enforceable for a government site, as the entire site is a matter of public record. I suppose I could put in FOIL requests when I need to archive a page, but somehow that seems contrary to the spirit of the Web. It also seems contrary to local practice, as none of the other government sites on my regional links page say anything beyond a copyright notice, if that. (The copyright section of the Tompkins County website policies seems like an excellent set of guidelines.)

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