January 16, 2004

No news, sort of

I'd guessed that there would be an Ithaca Journal story today on the Town Board meeting last night, but there isn't - maybe tomorrow? I'll be writing up my own story, though that'll have to wait until later today, as I have a presentation to give this morning.

There is a fair amount of news, though, on county assessments going up thanks to a "scorching real estate market, which hasn't shown any signs of cooling off". The Department of Assessment will be holding public meetings to explain what's going on.

The Journal's editorial page also seems to have stopped flirting with the idea of a county executive and embraced it. I still can't see the point (except maybe to reinvigorate the county's Republicans), but they're enamored of "having a leader who is accountable to all voters and can act with more independence from the legislature."

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Kari said:

Interesting Presentation today. Glad I picked up your card with the Living in Dryden website URL.

I'm sure you know that you comment form doesn't display correctly in IE. Glad I also use NetScape.