January 21, 2004

Visiting the Varna Volunteer Fire Company, Part I

I visited the Varna Volunteer Fire Company yesterday to talk about where our fire tax money, particularly the recent 31.8% fire tax levy increase, is going. I still need to make sure I'm clear on what some of the conversation meant, so that part of the conversation will be a follow-up story. (What I saw seemed reasonable, but I'd like to make sure I've got it right.)

I did get a nice tour of the fire house, and some pictures worth presenting today.

Varna Volunteer Fire Company
Varna Volunteer Fire Company (map)

fire trucks at the ready
Fire trucks at the ready

Halligan Bar
Halligan Bar

Tire chains ready to roll
Tire chains ready to roll

The fire company's own site has a lot more pictures of current and retired apparatus.

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Note on photos


Natan Huffman said:

The Varna Volunteer Fire Company (your fire and rescue squad) continues to welcome new members of all ages. Free training in both fire science and emergency medical disciplines for all members. Support members needed also for many duties such as apparatus drivers, book keepers, administrators and housekeeping. If interested, just drop by the station any Thursday night around 7:00 PM at 14 Turkey Hill Road or call me at 273 2392 for a personal tour. There's a place for you at the VVFC!