February 7, 2004

Hazard mitigation, assessments, slippery roads

The 1996 Virgil Creek flood leads a story on hazard mitigation in today's Ithaca Journal, examining how the county and the towns are working on plans to protect themselves from various kinds of disasters.

There's also more on assessments. The first class on how assessments work, mentioned earlier, will be Monday from 7 to 9pm in the Tompkins County Department of Social Services Building, 320 West State Street, Ithaca (map). The Journal notes:

The class, scheduled to run for two hours, will give the public a look at the assessment process, something that has gained attention in recent years, since the county starting reassessing property on an annual basis.

They also mention that the Assessment Department will be mailing assessment disclosure notices to Dryden residents February 27, with hearings on appeals scheduled from March 15 to April 3.

An article on yesterday's messy weather notes that "state police in Dryden stated Friday night that the slush and sleet caused a few cars to go off the road, but no major accidents were reported."

Finally, it isn't Dryden-specific, but the Journal reports that the Tompkins County economy has a "strong base" for the future.

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