February 24, 2004

Volunteer firefighter killed at fire

The Ithaca Journal reports that Bret E. Neff, a volunteer firefighter in the Harford fire department, was pinned between two tanker trucks and killed yesterday at a fire in Slaterville Springs. Neff, of Dryden, was 37.

The fire, at 395 Buffalo Road, was called in by a Brooktondale volunteer firefighter. The Slaterville Springs fire company responded, assisted by Varna, Richford, Speedsville, Brooktondale, and Ithaca. Frozen ponds complicated fighting the fire, and Neff was filling a portable pond when a Harford tanker truck rolled back.

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Cheryl Inocencio said:

Bret Neff was my cousin and I feel deeply hurt that he had to pass away all because of his fellow crewman accidently releasing the brakes. I'm all the way down here in Virginia and my mom had to call me to tell me that my cousin Neff had just past away. I didn't have enough money to go to the calling hours. I only saw him onece in my whole life and now that time that I met him keeps playing in my mind and I cry when I read articles about him. I miss him so much.

Roe said:

Bret Neff was my boyfriend and even though 2 months have passed by there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him or miss him.