March 24, 2004

Dryden schools issues in The Shopper

Today's Shopper includes two pieces from the Dryden Central School District: a new Board Briefs about a meeting with bleak budget news and a repeat of the invitation to run for the school board noted earlier.

Two other items in The Shopper reflect school concerns - there's an ad from the Dryden Faculty Association that's brief enough to cite in full:

A contract settlement for Dryden Teachers has been proposed by a State Appointed Fact Finder. The Faculty Association is willing to accept these recommendations.
The facts speak for themselves. Ask your School Board member to accept the Fact Finders' recommendation NOW! We have asked for less and waited for longer than necessary for a reasonable settlement.
Dryden Teachers... Working 628 Days WITHOUT A CONTRACT.

There's also an ad from Gary Shelhamer, a middle school technology teacher, encouraging residents to call their board members (phone numbers provided) and attend the March 29th meeting of the board to encourage them to keep the technology program.

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