March 24, 2004

Journal praises Trumbull on fire companies, annexation

Today's Ithaca Journal editorial praises Town Supervisor Steve Trumbull for improving relations with the fire companies and for the recent annexation of land to the Village for a DOT facility.

There certainly does seem to be much less strife with the fire companies, though some of achieving that is reflected in this year's 31.8% tax levy increase and the things it made possible. The amount of rancor has declined, certainly, even as some of the issues that raised controversy, like audits and quarterly payments, remain in place. Departments seem to be making active efforts to coordinate their equipment and practices.

The impact of annexation is pretty foggy, however, except as it concerns the DOT facility being built on that parcel of land. Board members Christofferson and Michaels objected to the nature of such a 'spot' or 'surgical' annexation in the absence of larger planning, and there are still contentious issues around water and sewer that the village and town have to work out for the entire area north of the Village of Dryden. Perhaps this is a first step toward solving those issues, but in many ways it seems like annexation was the only option for getting the DOT on this parcel because those issues remain unresolved.

I think I'd be more comfortable with the Journal's praise on annexation if Trumbull (admittedly sick, but happy to comment on other issues) had said anything at the meeting about why he voted in favor of it after weeks of uncertainty. The March 17th Dryden Courier article, written after the meeting, doesn't include much more insight into the matter, except for citing Village of Dryden Mayor Reba Taylor that "He called everybody. He talked to everybody. He did his homework."

The Journal didn't find these controversies nearly as unsettling before the election, when it endorsed Varvayanis despite the discontent in the fire companies. Perhaps Dryden's incumbent supervisors are all good?

Oh well. At least they haven't haven't written on the greatness of the county executive idea in a while.

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